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Area Rug Styling Trends

Trends in area rugs change from season to season, just as they do in fashion and home interiors. In fact, the rug industry looks directly to those fashion and home interior trends to develop innovative products. You’ll find high style and up-to-the-minute colors in the area rugs we offer.

Today’s area rugs fall into three chief categories—contemporary, traditional, and transitional. Nature is an important influence, affecting both design and color palettes.

Contemporary rugs have been gaining popularity each season. Their clean, modern aesthetic makes them a good choice for an avant-garde look that showcases your unique style. Current trends are graphic patterns, tailored geometrics, abstract designs, and organic shapes with a hand-drawn appearance.

Traditional rugs convey a sense of the timeless and elegant. They’re usually based on classic patterns, many of which date back centuries. Lately, however, they’re incorporating more casual and modern elements, making them appeal to transitional and even contemporary rug shoppers.

Transitional rugs tend to be the most popular of the three style groups, because they’re the most versatile. They have a casual character that works well with many kinds of interiors. Silhouetted botanicals and florals are prominent in transitional rugs, together with scroll and damask patterns that offer traditional styling with an informal air. Simple solid and tone-on-tone patterns sometimes combine with high-and-low yarn heights to offer texture and complexity.

Color, too, plays an important role as it changes from season to season. The newest colors reflect nature, so palettes of warm earth tones are being seen. Soft neutrals, sophisticated grays, and chocolate brown accented with blue and green are a continuing trend. Coming on-scene as fresh complements to these neutral palettes are tomato reds, gingered oranges, golden yellows, and tones of purple such as plum and eggplant.